The Alexander Technique teaches us how to move and live with a greater sense of ease and freedom in the world. Everyone moves through life with habitual patterns of tension and ease—this Use of yourself is reflected in how you do everyday activities like walking, cooking, sleeping, driving—everything! —for better or worse.  The Alexander Technique helps you ask yourself if you’d like to reinforce these patterns or not, and helps you find freedom in the space between stimulus and response.  By saying “no” to the old pattern, a whole world of possibilities opens up and you can approach a familiar activity with a renewed sense of curiosity.  It can help you feel more like “you” when all of the “other stuff” gets out of the way. The best part is that it's fun!

While the Alexander Technique is commonly sought out by performers or people looking for relief from pain, anyone can benefit from it.  No matter who you are or what you do, the Alexander Technique can help you move through life in an easier and more present way.